Production Information

Jamaican film crews are regarded as highly professional. They have worked with such companies as Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney and MGM. Jamaican film crews are non-union, and work a twelve-hour, six-day week.

Overseas companies are expected to source film crews from Jamaica before bringing in personnel from abroad. The rate of the Jamaican dollar against the US dollar and other major currencies ensures significantly lower production costs.

Full grip and lighting equipment is available in Jamaica. Also available are 1000-amp Crawford generators, trucks and one honeywaggon. Any additional equipment can be sourced through the existing rental company, or brought in.

Additional equipment brought in to the country will be allowed to enter duty free. Relevant parties should provide a list stating item(s), serial number(s), and value, which should be sent to the Film Commission at least one week in advance. All items entering the country must be re-exported on completion of filming. Duty will be charged on consumerables. It is recommended that a customs broker be engaged to clear imports. A list of brokers can be provided by the Film Commission.